June 21, 2016

To start off, I've always been a big fan of NERF and Dart guns.

I grew up in a military town, so playing soldier/war/whateveryouwanttocallit has always just been something I did. So why is this relevant now? Well a buddy of mine was looking for another hobby, and he's gone head first into NERF. We've just started looking at the modding community for it, and holy crow some of the things you can do. I'm going to be trying to get my hands on a NERF Vulcan for some cosplay ideas, but I also need to settle on a gun that'll actually be good in a NERF War (I've been hunting down my friends to try to get them into it, we'll see how that goes).

I've also just finished the hours for my practicum, I just have to do the final interview when I can find time (either this week or next). So excited to finally be done school... again.

June 20, 2016

Starting the blog, alright! Just finished my practicum, having to do the exit interview soon.

You'll notice I haven't really posted anything in Flash on the site. Truth be told with school and work I haven't had time to practice animating (most of my sketches were done on my lunch break or while away from my computer), so I have nothing recent to show for it. I do have my capstone and other projects, but they were created in CS6 (and I have a copy of CS4, which isn't compatible). I still have the swfs, but they weren't created to be posted on the web (plus I would like to have a chance to polish them more, but that's a project that's been pushed back until I get a new PC).

I've also been focusing more on Photoshop lately to start coloring my work.